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Statement of Purpose

District Information Services provides Computer and Telecommunication Technology (CaTT) services to support the mission of the North Orange County Community College District.  Four strategies guide the department in providing this support:

  1. Provide the best technology for the best value by leveraging the investment in systems and people that we already have and by exploring new and better technologies to better serve our students and staff;
  2. Meet legal and system requirements to insure a sound education for our students;
  3. Provide high quality customer service using tools and techniques that provide staff and students what they need to be successful;
  4. Plan for the future to enhance the ability of the department to more effectively serve our students and staff and respond quickly to environmental changes.

District Information Services can be contacted at:

Telephone: (714) 808-4849
Fax: (714) 808-4845


Deborah Ludford
District Director
Information Services

Information Services Department





District Information Services is composed of the following departments:

Technical Support:

  • Wide area network maintenance and services.
  • Personal Computer maintenance services. 
  • Operation and maintenance of district servers.
  • Support of the district server software. 
  • Telecommunications support.

Applications Support

  • Selection, operation and maintenance of District-wide administrative applications.
  • Customer service and training.
  • Programming services.
  • State and Federal reporting.

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