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A Summary of the Board Meeting of April 8, 2014


Comments from the Chancellor

Cypress College CTE Presentation – Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Executive Vice President; Dave Wassenaar, Dean of Business & CIS; Lisa Clark, HRC Department Coordinator, Joyce Carrigan, Dean of Fine Arts; and Nancy Deutsch, English and Reading Faculty member, presented “What, No Achievement Gap?” to the Board. Their presentation explained that Cypress College CTE students show less disparity in achievement across ethnic groups, and highlighted the program's innovative student success ideas.

Comments from the College Presidents and Provost

Dr. Rajen Vurdien, Fullerton College President; Dr. Bob Simpson, Cypress College President, and Dr. Greg Schulz, School of Continuing Education Provost, reported on activities from their respective campuses.


Comments from Members of the Resource Table

AB 86 – School of Continuing Education Academic Senate President Candace Lynch-Thompson commented on an upcoming opportunity she will have to co-present on AB 86, which will include information on the history of adult education and what local academic senates should be doing to plan for implementing the new requirements for regional consortia.

Cypress College Activities Cypress College Senate President Gary Zager thanked attendees for participating in the recent Coffee with the Chancellor held at the campus, and reported on upcoming events, including the theater production “Nickel and Dimed” and the dance recital “People in Motion.”

SB 850 Fullerton College Senate President Sam Foster reported that he will be attending the upcoming State Academic Senate Plenary Session during which SB 850 will be an item discussed. The legislation would allow a pilot program for California community colleges to offer select baccalaureate degrees. He stated that the Senate would like to see more feasibility studies before moving forward.


Comments from Members of the Board of Trustees

Fullerton College Student Activities – Fullerton College Student Trustee Don Lundy reported on recent activities including the development of a book service program and the progress of erecting a Hornet mascot statue.

Union Bank Support – Trustee Dr. Barbara Dunsheath referenced a recent OC Breeze article that detailed Union Bank’s continued support of Cypress College’s Americana fundraising event.

Strategic Conversation – Trustee Donna Miller thanked everyone for their participation in last month’s Strategic Conversation, and commented on how nicely the momentum from that event aligned with the meeting’s presentation “Cypress College Career Technical Education (CTE): What, No Achievement Gap?”

Student Homelessness – Board Secretary Michael Matsuda spoke about an upcoming Los Angeles Times article that examines the plight of students who are homeless. He stated that it’s estimated 30,000 K12 students are currently homeless, and that this is a growing challenge in Orange County.

Facilities Issues – Trustee Leonard Lahtinen asked several facilities questions of staff, wanting updates on the earthquake damage to Fullerton College, upper deck water damage at the Anaheim campus, and swing space at Cypress College.

Fullerton Events – Trustee Molly McClanahan reported on several upcoming City of Fullerton events, including Fullerton Beautiful’s Open Gardens Tour and Fullerton Museum’s “Memories of World War II: Photographs from the Archives of the Associated Press.”

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held regarding Finding the Sale of District Property Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). After a brief discussion, the Board adopted the Finding the Sale of District Property Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act resolution, and approved the filing and recordation of a notice of exemption.


Finance & Facilities

Finance – In compliance with the state Chancellor’s Office requirements, the Board authorized Phase Three of the agreement for the Capital Outlay Grant Financing Project to receive advanced funding for the twelve-month period beginning February 1, 2014, and to make adjustments to revenue and expenditure budgets. The Board also adopted a resolution establishing separate bank, saving, clearing, and revolving accounts pursuant to the California Community College Budget and Accounting Manual.

Surplus – The Board approved an auction for the sale of surplus and obsolete supplies and equipment. The Board also adopted a Declaring Surplus Property; Authorizing Offer of District Property for Sale to Public Entities; Authorizing Public Sale of Property at La Habra Site resolution.

Rejection of Bids – The Board rejected all bids for the Tech Ed II, Tech Ed III and Gym II HVAC Equipment Replacement at Cypress College and authorized staff to rebid the project at a later time.

Subscriptions – Authorization was given to enter into an agreement with ReGroup for an information and emergency communications subscription service for the North Orange County Community College District. Authorization was also given to enter into a contract with CampusLogic, Inc. for the subscription service setup, integration, training and services to complete the implementation of the system at Fullerton College.

Study Aboard – The Board approved entering into a travel arrangement with AIFS for the Cypress College and Fullerton College 2015 Spring Study Abroad Program in Rome, Italy.

Instructional Resources

Curriculum – The Board approved the Cypress College summary of curriculum deactivations, additions, and revisions; and the Fullerton College summary of curriculum changes, both effective fall 2014.


Human Resources

Retirement – The Board approved the retirement of Jackie Sanborn, Fullerton College Administrative Assistant III, effective June 1.

Promotion – The Board approved the promotion of Kashmira Vyas to District Manager of Fiscal Affairs, effective April 9.



CCCT Elections – The Board marked its ballot for the California Community College Trustees Board of Directors election.

Policy – The Board re-adopted Board Policy 2015, Student Members.

Professional Development – The Board also adopted a resolution in support of Assembly Bill 2558, Community College Professional Development Program.


Next Regular Meeting

The next regular meeting of the NOCCCD Board of Trustees will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 22, in the first-floor Board Room, Anaheim Campus, 1830 W. Romneya Drive, Anaheim.



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