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Crisis Telephone Numbers
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Anaheim Campus & District Administration 808-4500
          Security 808-4911
Confidential Employment Hotline 808-4838
Fullerton College
          Health Center 992-7093
          Security - Business 992-7342
          Security - Emergency 992-7343
Cypress College
          Health Center 484-7361
          Security 484-7387
Other Services in Orange County
CSEA Field Office 532-3766
General Information 834-5400
American Red Cross 738-5411
Animal Shelter 935-7419
Health Department 934-3131
Mental Health Crisis 834-6900
Orange County Dept. of Education (Job List) 966-4000
Orange County Teachers Credit Union 258-4000
Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) (888) 225-7377
Sheriff 647-7000
Poison Control Center 634-5988
Rape Crisis Hotline 831-9110
State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) 966-4270
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Campus Directories
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Anaheim Campus District Employees Phone List

School of Continuing Education Phone List

Cypress College Phone List

Fullerton College Phone List