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Finance and Facilities

Welcome to the Finance and Facilities Department for the North Orange County Community College District.

Budget Reports:

 2015-2016 Proposed Budget and Financial Report

 2014-2015 Budget Calendar

 2014-2015 Proposed Budget and Financial Report

 2013-2014 Proposed Budget and Financial Report

 2012-2013 Proposed Budget and Financial Report 2.8 MB

 District Budget Allocation Handbook

Education Protection Account (EPA) Reports:

  2012-2013 EPA Report

Audit Reports:

Final Audit 2014

Community College Foundation Audit Report 2014.pdf

Cypress College Foundation Audit Report 2014.pdf

Final Audit 2013

Final Audit 2012

Final Audit 2011

Final Audit 2010

Final Audit 2009











Retiree Benefits Actuarial Study Reports:

  2014 Retiree Benefits Actuarial Valuation Report
  2012 Retiree Benefits Actuarial Valuation Report
  2010 Retiree Benefits Actuarial Valuation Report

Information for Total Compensation Letter


Finance & Facilities' Responsibilities

The Finance & Facilities department's responsibilities include:
  • Oversight for campus budgets: Cypress College, Fullerton College, School of Continuing Education
  • Publishing the annual audit report
  • Managing all district accounting functions, including accounts payable
  • Administering the district payroll
  • Providing information and support to faculty in obtaining grants
  • Risk management; including workers' compensation insurance and district safety
  • Purchasing for the entire district
Key Contacts
Name and Position Telephone E-mail Address
Fred Williams
Vice Chancellor, Finance & Facilities
(714) 808-4746 fwilliams
Sandra Palmer
Executive Assistant III
(714) 808-4747 spalmer
Rodrigo Garcia
District Director, Fiscal Affairs
(714) 808-4751 rgarcia
Richard Williams
District Director, Facilities Control
(714) 808-4893 rwilliams
Special Projects Manager
Christine Fighera
Anaheim Campus Director, Physical Plant & Facilities
(714) 808-4896 cfighera
Kashu Vyas
District Manager, Fiscal Affairs
(714) 808-4750 kvyas
District Manager,
Instructional Resources
Maria Martinez
District Manager, Payroll
(714) 808-4758 mmartinez
Tami Oh
District Director, Risk Management
(714) 808-4779 toh

Debbie Valentine
District Manager, Environmental

Health and Safety

(714) 808-4778 dvalentine
Jenney Ho
District Director, Purchasing
(714) 808-4776 jho
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