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Welcome to the Finance and Facilities Department for the North Orange County Community College District.

Budget Reports:

 2014-2015 Budget Calendar

 2014-2015 Proposed Budget and Financial Report

 2013-2014 Proposed Budget and Financial Report

 2012-2013 Proposed Budget and Financial Report 2.8 MB

 District Budget Allocation Handbook

Education Protection Account (EPA) Reports:

  2012-2013 EPA Report

Audit Reports:

Final Audit 2013

Final Audit 2012

Final Audit 2011

Final Audit 2010

Final Audit 2009









Retiree Benefits Actuarial Study Reports:

  2012 Retiree Benefits Actuarial Valuation Report

2010 Retiree Benefits Actuarial Valuation Report
2008 Retiree Benefits Actuarial Valuation Report

Information for Total Compensation Letter


Finance & Facilities' Responsibilities

Fred Williams
Vice Chancellor
Finance and Facilities

The Finance & Facilities department's responsibilities include:
  • Oversight for campus budgets: Cypress College, Fullerton College, School of Continuing Education
  • Publishing the annual audit report
  • Managing all district accounting functions, including accounts payable
  • Administering the district payroll
  • Providing information and support to faculty in obtaining grants
  • Risk management; including workers' compensation insurance and district safety
  • Purchasing for the entire district
Key Contacts
Name and Position Telephone E-mail Address
Fred Williams
Vice Chancellor, Finance & Facilities
(714) 808-4746 fwilliams
Sandra Palmer
Executive Assistant III
(714) 808-4747 spalmer
Rodrigo Garcia
District Director, Fiscal Affairs
(714) 808-4751 rgarcia
Richard Williams
District Director, Facilities Control
(714) 808-4893 rwilliams
Special Projects Manager
Christine Fighera
Anaheim Campus Director, Physical Plant & Facilities
(714) 808-4896 cfighera
Kashu Vyas
District Manager, Fiscal Affairs
(714) 808-4750 kvyas
District Manager,
Instructional Resources
Maria Martinez
District Manager, Payroll
(714) 808-4758 mmartinez
Tami Oh
District Director, Risk Management
(714) 808-4779 toh

Debbie Valentine
District Manager, Environmental

Health and Safety

(714) 808-4778 dvalentine
Jenney Ho
District Director, Purchasing
(714) 808-4776 jho
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